Buying Xiaomi through ShopJoy

ShopJoy is the best and safest place to buy a Xiaomi.

All Xiaomi devices sold through ShopJoy are 100% genuine. We can guarantee this because the devices are sourced directly from Xiaomi in China involving no middlemen whatsoever, eliminating any possibility of procuring replicas from unscrupulous suppliers.

Additionally, we test Xiaomi phones against Australia's major mobile carriers - namely Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. Only models that are compatible with Australian mobile networks are sold through ShopJoy.

Finally, ShopJoy supplies Xiaomi devices to popular technology review sites such as PC World and PhoneArena, further proving that ShopJoy is a trusted online store.

About Xiaomi

Established in April 2010, Xiaomi is a Chinese technology company that focuses on making smartphones and other consumer electronics. Xiaomi started its business by selling cost-effective smartphones and is now valued at USD 45 billion. On 11th November 2014, Xiaomi sold 1.16 million phones and made RMB 1.56 billion on a Chinese e-commerce website, breaking the site's one day sales record.

In China Xiaomi is known for its "hunger marketing" method. By feeding insufficient number of products to the market, Xiaomi creates a massive demand that is often unmet. This method works brilliantly for Xiaomi. It develops "hungry" and loyal customers - ranging from rural people, students, to working professionals - who love Xiaomi products and the brand.

Anywhere you go in China, you see people with Xiaomi phones. The phones sell extremely well because they are significantly cheaper than the iPhone or Samsung counterparts, while maintaining similar or slightly lower specs. In fact, these days some Xiaomi products - such as Xiaomi Note Pro - are rated by experts and reviewers as superior to the big brand alternatives.

Today Xiaomi is not constrained to just making smartphones. Xiaomi also makes other electronic products such cameras and TVs.